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Get Your Dimensions Right! The 2016 Social Media Image Size Guide

Are your social media images the correct dimensions for the platform you’re using? Want to know the right sizes to ensure they all display correctly? Nothing makes you look like a social media newbie more than your logo not viewing correctly in the space provided, or the key information in your post images not being […]

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Money and Banking – Part 1

By Eric TymoigneI struggled a few years to get a Money and Banking (M&B) course together. It lacked coherency and students had difficulty linking the different parts of the class. A good part

Source: Money and Banking – Part 1

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Sorry, Person Named Chanel, You Can’t Use Your First Name As An Instagram Handle

When you’re an early adopter of a website, that means you have your pick of usernames. A young lady in Canada registered for Instagram early on, before Facebook acquired the company. Her username was her real first name: Chanel. Eventually, brands began to use the service, and that’s when the fashion house of the same […]