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WA State Senators Declare Supreme Court Order “Unconstitutional”

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor A sign of the current education situation in Washington State took a turn for the obvious when, showing a fundamental lack of knowledge of basic civics, a coalition of Washington State Senators declared an order of the State Supreme Court to be Unconstitutional. That’s right, the several senators seem to […]

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Man Charged With Operating Debt Collection Scheme That Targeted, Defrauded Spanish-Speaking Consumers

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Deceiving consumers is a trademark for most unscrupulous operations attempting to collect debts that aren’t actually owed. Shady collectors have been known to lie about debts, misrepresent themselves as officers of the law, threaten lawsuits and, in the case of one operator, threaten Spanish-speaking residents with deportation.

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Harsh Reality of Eviction in Ireland – 2015…..

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…..this is the thin end of the wedge…. …….On Wednesday last August 26th 2015 in the town of Kells County Meath another Irish family was Evicted from their family home for the “heinous crime” of not being able to pay what a Bank said they had to pay! The family involved consisted of a Mother, […]

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Comparative advantage in international trade and in married life


What is Comparative Advantage?

You may have heard about comparative advantage. As a concept, it’s a neat and mathematically valid argument. It goes like this, as described in wikipedia:

Say you have two countries, England and Portugal, which both make and use cloth and wine, say at time 1. Their productivity is described in this chart:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.35.35 AM

Which is to say that in England, it takes more work than in Portugal to produce one unit of either cloth or wine, maybe because of climate differences. In this sense, Portugal has an “absolute advantage” over England in both categories.

However, as I said, both England and Portugal make and use both products. So, if England needs one unit of each, it takes them 220 hours, and if Portugal wishes to consumer one unit of each, it takes them 170 hours to produce it.

Here’s where trade comes in. Starting at time…

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Countless Consumers Are Paying Off Someone Else’s Debt Because Of Default Judgments