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At the End of the Day

The Slog

When an unidentified “someone” coughs up 1.6m bucks to buy 15,000 puts on a bondmarket collapse, it might be time to sit up and wake up. The puts suggest a level not hit since mid 2009. If the guy’s right, his put will be worth $27m.

When a Bric like Brazil’s graph forecast dives from +0.5% to -3.0% in 9 months flat, it may be time to sit up, wake up, and take some frigging notice. Ditto when the Canadian dollar hits an eleven year low against the $US.

When the Kansas City Fed’s manufacturing index slumps from plus 10 to minus 15 year on year in August, it may be time to take part in that so-last-year iced water bucket over the head shtick.

When Standard & Poors cuts the Ukraine’s credit rating from C/C (the C is for crap) to ‘selective default’ – above the B/B confirmation given…

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