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For sale in Spanish ‘paradise’: entire villages. Cheap. –

Casa de Pombo
Casa de Pombo – Louzarela, Galicia

I have only visited by mother’s ancestral home once in my life but I remember the absolute beauty of Galicia. I also remember walking up one of the mountains to help harvest the wheat. Boy, that stuff was itchy when it got into the fibers of your clothes. But it was fun with my cousins and uncle. I have always wanted to return with my own children so they can see their heritage. However, now most of the residents in the village where my mother’s family lived are gone. I believe that only my uncle remains. It would be nice to see that region brought back to life.

LUGO, SPAIN — A cluster of picture-pretty stone homes lies at the bottom of a verdant valley here in northern Galicia, where the only sound comes from wind rustling fig and peach trees.

Called O Penso when residents lived here – the very last of whom left about a decade ago – the hamlet is now for sale, and includes a bread-making hearth, several barns, and stone and wood horreos, the raised granaries typical in this part of the country.

It has already stirred the dreams of potential buyers, including one American entrepreneur interested in turning it into a language school.

via For sale in Spanish ‘paradise’: entire villages. Cheap. –

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