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Federal Homeowner Aid Program Rejects 70 Percent Of Applicants



Seven in 10 homeowners who apply for help under the federal government’s signature mortgage aid program are rejected, according to a government report released Wednesday.

The program, called the Home Affordable Modification Program, is meant to help homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes by reducing their monthly mortgage. Since it began in 2009, 5.7 million homeowners have applied for assistance and 4 million have been rejected, according to data provided by the Treasury Department to the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

via Federal Homeowner Aid Program Rejects 70 Percent Of Applicants.

4 thoughts on “Federal Homeowner Aid Program Rejects 70 Percent Of Applicants

  1. HAMP has been misrepresented as a program to assist homeowners. That is shown by the primary criteria:

    “If the servicer will get more money …”

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  2. Alina:
    May we count on you to offer assistance to we here at Consumer Rights Defenders who gives litigation assistance and support mostly to pro se plaintiffs in foreclosure cases [including fraud]? We’d be honored to have your interest and as much information as can be assembled to help homeowners affect litigation strategies. All comments and responses will be held confidential. We have a huge interest in BOA fraud claims and have clients needing some deeper research about their practices. Are you willing to hire yourself out as an expert witness?

    Sara Stephens, J.D.
    Consumer Rights Defenders

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    1. Thank you, Sara. I would be happy however I can. However, I am not an expert. I am just a homeowner whose home was stolen. That was the impetus for the research. I never received a truthful answer and the servicer refused to negotiate in good faith. As a paralegal, I was sickened by the way the courts handle foreclosure cases. I was appalled at how attorneys can lie to courts and get away with it.



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