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Alternative to High Priced Tuition – University of the People`

The high cost of college tuition is something that has garnered a great deal of publicity for several years now. According to the Project on Student Debt,Project on Student Deb seven in ten of college student graduating in 2013 had student debt. The average debt amount carried by these students was $28,400.  For college students graduating in 2015, That amount has risen to $35,051, according to CNBC’s Landon Dowdy.

In a video interview with Huffington Post, Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that “adjusted for inflation, somebody going to college today to a state university, is paying about 300 percent of what her mom or dad did just 30 years ago.” Senator Warren stated that the problem lies with the Department of Education because the Department of Education has coddled the very same student loan companies who are overcharging students illegally. Senator Warren believes that the Department of Education should get off its keister and stop dragging its feet.  She stated, “They [Department of Education\ don’t work for Navient. They don’t work for for-profit colleges. They don’t work for the debt servicers. They work for the American people and they work for the kids that are trying to get an education and are trying to pay off their student loan debts.”

There are alternatives to colleges charging outrageously higher and higher tuition. One very innovative and creative alternative is the University of the People (UoPeople). UoPeople is a first tuition free online university in the world.

Below is President Shai Reshef’s TED talk:

After watching, let me know what you think.

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