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Forex fraud, feckin’ the Irish taxpayer, and fomenting Jihadist passions. It’s all in a day’s work

Things do seem to be coming to a head rather at the minute…but more on that later here: in the meantime, some things are unchanged – notably the widespread evidence of endemic amoral manipulative corruption in all things fiscal, financial and geopolitical. It could be that The Big One is almost upon us, but the élites’ hands are never less than busy, bloody, or bunging banknotes.

First, the never-changing nature of the money cheats. Hot on the heels of Libor rate-fixing comes the full story on Forex fiddles. Six major banks were fined £4bn recently for their misconduct in relation to this gigantic fraud. Unable this time to simply “set aside” fines money and then discreetly walk back into the shadows, some young barrow-boys are being thrown to the regulatory wolves. Trials aplenty to…

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