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Smartphones Are Helping This Nonprofit Keep A Generation Of Memories Alive

I like this idea especially for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Each day, we talk to lots of people: meetings with coworkers, dinnertime chats with family or friends, messages on social media. When was the last time, however, you had a long conversation with someone about the things that really matter to both of you?

Since 2002, Brooklyn-based non-profit organization StoryCorps has encouraged people to ask each other meaningful questions. As an oral history project, it has been very successful–so far, StoryCorps has archived 65,000 interviews, which it claims is the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered. The recordings, conducted in StoryCorps’ booths across the U.S., are stored in American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, with excerpts broadcast on NPR.

With the recent release of its first app for iOS and Android, StoryCorps has dramatically expanded its reach. The app is still in beta, but in just two weeks it has already gained 50,000 registered users…

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