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Built By A Parkinson’s Sufferer, MyHealthPal Tracks Symptoms, Creates Research Data


The development and availability of wearables is running hand in hand with the exploding interest in the digital health space. Managing our health via apps and devices is slowly becoming the norm. And patients that need to monitor their condition day-to-day have even more to benefit from this powerful combination. Startups are of course entering this space in droves.

The latest is a startup which launches out of stealth today: MyHealthPal, an iOS app and analytics platform that enables people with long-term health conditions to manage their condition, is initially focusing on Parkinson’s Disease, but could be applied similar diseases.

It’s now secured an initial seed funding of £500,000, and launched a trial with the highly respected Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

The investors include a mix of private and institutional investors. Venture Capital firm Proxy Ventures is participating. But the lead investors are Andrew MacKay, chairman of…

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