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Hypocrisy of Bank Arguments — Borrowers Bound by PSA But Can’t Challenge it

The reply brief is beautifully written. It’s Contracts 101. This is the basis for any good foreclosure defense.

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Suburb Brief Filed in California — Arguments to be used in any state

see Replybriefasfiled3-19-2015

Lawyers are getting better and better at confronting the specious arguments of the banks. The time is nearing when we realize as a nation that the foreclosure crisis was a sham — a fraudulent scheme to benefit the banks and the executives who run them.

Amongst many compelling arguments in this Brief filed in California is the hypocrisy of the bank arguments about whether the borrower can challenge the right to foreclose and even the validity of the mortgage based upon the PSA. Their idea is that the borrower can’t challenge the validity of the note and mortgage based upon the provisions of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. Their reason is very attractive to Judges at first because their reason is that the borrower could not…

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