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The Woodlands sues Wells Fargo

Justice League

A game of litigation chicken has three parties — all tied to an abandoned home in The Woodlands — headed on a collision course, which, if no one budges, could end up in a rare civil jury trial where Judge Cara Wood’s 284th state District Court will have the final say.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit is The Woodlands Township. The defendants include Daniel and Suzanne Parks, owners of a home, now abandoned, located at 2610 S. Wildwind Circle — off of North Millbend Drive near the Panther Trail Golf Course.

The lawsuit goes on to name “Wells Fargo Bank N.A.” as an additional defendant, according to court documents.

The loan for the property is held in a Residential Mortgage Backed Security with other loans. Wells Fargo acts as trustee for the RMBS trust and appears as the owner of the loan. As trustee, Wells Fargo administers the amount of…

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