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Mortgage settlements in jeopardy, bill killing them moves quietly

Justice League

Remember back in the grim days of the mortgage foreclosure crisis? Back when consumers in trouble on their mortgages told horror stories about their inability to reach a live human being at their bank? Back when borrowers would have to fax forms to Wichita on one day and Cleveland the next?

Well, if a proposed piece of legislation working its way through the Indiana House of Representatives is passed as it stands, Hoosier borrowers might find themselves right back there.

Tucked inside Senate Bill 415, on Page 55 of a 104-page bill, is a paragraph repealing language from state code that created, back in 2009, the practice of mortgage settlement conferences for troubled borrowers facing foreclosure.

The change in language isn’t in a bill primarily about mortgages. Most of the bill deals with vacant and abandoned properties. It unanimously passed the Senate in mid-February and is currently in the House’s Local…

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