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Foreclosure: The Movie… (finally!) coming to a screen near you

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In new film, neighborhood of foreclosed homes drives man insane

You can say a lot of things about the foreclosure crisis, but you can’t say that moving into a neighborhood destroyed by foreclosures could drive a man insane after he falls victim to ancient curses while living a haunted house.

Until now!

Those very events are the plot of a long-delayed movie now available on DVD and various on demand platforms. “Foreclosure,” which first hit HousingWire’s radar in 2010, (yes, 2010! How’s that for a scoop!?!?) tells the story of Bill Landopolous, played by Michael Imperioli, who moves into a house in Queens, New York with his son and father-in-law.

But, as it so often is in the movies, this house is more than just a house.

From the official plot synopsis:

In Foreclosure, Michael Imperioli plays a man whose lucrative business during a long bull market selling his…

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One thought on “Foreclosure: The Movie… (finally!) coming to a screen near you

  1. Sadly disappointing had nothing to do with the ‘real’ crisis – it is self-involved with a writer’s haunted house – no real ’emotional’ connection or learning curve to the plight of millions – it’s kind of sad this filmmaker exploited the title “Foreclosure” which could have been used on a film that actually delved into the issues – story about real people and real scenarios could have been just as interesting – I think this film is a bore, and so not connected to anything in reality of what’s going on and no informative values to so many people trying to get a handle on what’s happened . . . while the horrible realities behind the racism that occurred is so important – “foreclosure’ just wasn’t the right title . . . kept waiting for an explanation of how this movie was connected to real foreclosures – got half way thru and realized it was a haunted house and history lesson movie – but nothing to do with now issues and people aren’t going to either learn anything and those who are insensitive will not be moved to be sympathetic or educated to the real plight. Wish they would have used that singular title on media that mattered.


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