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Protecting Wall Street crime tied to “Holder Memo” in 1999

Justice League

A day late and a dollar short on pursuing the banksters. I am not holding my breath that there will be criminal prosecutions to the bank execs or anyone high rank since we are looking at the statue of limitations of pursuing this now. This will be punted to Loretta Lynch’s hands should be become the next AG. And if so, she will be the one holding the bag and not Holder.

Value Walk:

A formal policy of holding back on investigations and prosecutions of financial executives might be traced to a June 16, 1999 memo from a then young Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. In what has become known as the “Holder Memo,” Holder opened the door for fellow prosecutors to consider the economic impact prosecuting certain financial crimes might have on the economy, excusing the criminal behavior for an apparent more important societal benefit…

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