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GOP opens new scandal circus over mortgage settlements, suggests DOJ illegally funnel money to “activist groups”

Justice League

lol! Congress is simply worthless. Worthless with a capital W. And guess who is on the House Judiciary Committee?: Rep. David Trott, the man who built a personalfortune running a “foreclosure mill” law firm to help banks evict borrowers.

WASHINGTON — Since taking control of both chambers of Congress in January, Republicans have grappled with newfound pressure to govern. But the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday got back to basics: drumming up conservative outrage with a fresh, flimsy scandal.

During a hearing that lasted roughly two hours, Republicans repeatedly suggested that the Department of Justice was illegally funneling money to “activist groups” using sham transactions embedded in legal settlements with two big banks.

The event was essentially an exercise in dog-whistling to unsavory elements of the GOP base. In his opening statement, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) ominously name-checked both the defunct ACORN and the Hispanic civil rights…

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