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Age Demands Action | Campaigns | HelpAge International

Since 2011, I have been advocating for the aging and the aged.  The aging population worldwide is fast increasing in numbers.  This is due to various factors including a decline in birth rates as well as persons living longer as a result of medical innovations.  However, societies around the world are ill prepared to meet the demands of an aging population.  HelpAge International is at the forefront of bringing issues relating to older persons.


Age Demands Action is a unique movement of campaigners across the world, where young and old fight for a better and fairer world for older people.

During three campaign pushes each year, groups of older people lobby their local and national governments on the issues most important to them, such as pensions and healthcare.

And campaigners of all ages join marches, debates and petition signings.

Internationally, Age Demands Action is calling for a UN convention to protect older people’s rights by law.

via Age Demands Action | Campaigns | HelpAge International.

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